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Top 10 effective strategies to avoid fatigue

Do you feel tired every time or become lazy after doing a smaller task? The feeling where you think you have no energy and motivation left. Then you are experiencing ‘CHRONIC FATIGUE’ No it is not due to an unusual sleep cycle or lack of sleep it is different and has some terrible effects on your health.

It has wide range of effects on physical, mental and emotional states of a person. Before discussing the effective strategies to avoid Fatigue lets discuss what is Chronic Fatigue basics and its symptoms.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that is caused by feeling of constant Fatigue and tiredness. It is resulted due to viral infections, Psychological stress and presence of background anxiety. It is caused mainly to the people of age bracket 40 to 50 but now it is present in almost all age brackets due to hormonal imbalances and stressful life.

Following are some effective tips to fight against Fatigue:



Most of us have a habit of leaving breakfast as we are always late for our school, college, universities and work places that we forget the importance of having it. It is the first meal of the day and by taking it we can easily skip one meal of the day in order to avoid weight gain and to cater different health issues. It is always advised to have healthy breakfast like  Eggs,  Yogurt, Green tea and nuts. Or you can consume cereals that are useful for health. Taking breakfast will always boost up your energy level in the morning and increases your productivity.


Caffeine Limits

Caffeine lowers your blood and sugar levels. If you are experiencing fatigue or feeling of tiredness than it will only cause you more of it rather than boosting up your y energy levels. Caffeine specially the best in take Coffee can only keep you sharper but if you are under a feeling of fatigue it lowers your energy levels. It is better to consume it for one time or totally skip it from your diet.


Exercise Regularly

It is important to have exercise scheduled in your routine. It can reduce lots of health issues and can keep you stay fit and active for whole day. You should conduct exercise in morning to boost up your mood and to gain positive energy for the day. People having fatigue problems should take small walks or displace their positions for a while to treat laziness.

If you’re too lazy to go outside/gym for exercise, consider buying home workout equipment such as a treadmill.


Iron intake

As the energy levels of our bodies are highly dependent on the iron intake it is essential to go for iron rich foods like meat, Spinach, apples, egg, chicken and dark chocolates (If you are someone who wants to keep taste as well ).

They will reduce feeling of permanent laziness and will keep you stay active for a longest time.



Sleeping patterns and their disturbances can cause extreme levels of fatigue. We get disturb by our stress and anxieties that we cannot sleep properly. Naps are important even for 10-20 minutes just to freshen ourselves a bit, however long naps (longer than 20 minutes can counter the benefits.)

If you are on a low mood or if you feel tired every time, then you must  take care of your sleeping patterns. Having irregular sleep schedule can impact your body in bad ways, make sure to sleep at the same time & wake up at the same time.


Balance Diet

People these days eat a lot without knowing what over eating can do to your health. Over eating makes you lazy and tired most of the times. It is important to go for a balanced diet in order to reduce fatigue feeling.

Consider using shorter plates and eat in intervals rather than eating all at once. Stomache problems such as GERD, IBS etc. have become very common due to over eating.


Water Intake

Drink 8 glasses of water daily to avoid dehydration that is the most deadly cause of having a fatigue. It is necessity of a body to have a proper water intake. It’s obvious from the fact how a human cannot survive without water for average of 3 days.

It’s recommended to drink one glass of water first thing after waking up & drink the water in 3 gulps, rather than one gulp.



Are worried or anxious about each and everything? Then, you are constantly leading yourself towards the feeling of fatigue. You’d be surprised at the impact stress can have on your health.

It will make you feel demotivated and tired all the time reducing your energy to perform well. Hence, make sure to always take time to destress throughout the day by performing whatever makes you happy. e.g: playing a game, playing a sport, walking your dog, talking to your loved ones etc.


Harmonal issues

Indigestion is the root cause or having low blood pressure is the sign of Hormonal imbalances along with terrible acne. If you are experiencing these signs you are probably having fatigue.



“Every day is a new chance” keep yourself motivated and active throughout. It is always better to face certain situations to be productive.

Motivation is just like taking a shower, you must take it everyday. Consider following motivational pages on social networks to ensure you receive your daily dose of motivation.

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