Cancer causing food

Top 7 Cancer causing food items

Afraid of dying from cancer or you are facing extreme phobia as known as ‘Cancer Phobia’ that you are always worried about getting a cancer. This will produce devastating effects on your physical and mental health. You will feel permanent sadness, fear ,panic and stress. Cancer is the most discussed and considerable topic these days as lot of  people are getting diagnosed with it .

It is important to generate awareness about the causes of cancer mostly food items that we are having without knowing their cancer causing properties. People who are worried about having cancer can easily avoid those items to release themselves from permanent stress they have for getting a cancer. We will discuss here the food items that we are consuming in our daily lives containing higher risk of cancer.


Potato Chips

We all love having fries and crunchy processed potato chips. They may be cheap and still be delicious. They are rich in fat content and can only cause weight gain because of their trans- fat content and they have excessive sodium levels. For their preservation and taste artificial flavors and chemicals are used mostly the one found in cigarettes (acrylamide) that is the major cause of cancer. It mostly effects lungs and fat content increases its function. It is better to have baked chips or popcorns at home rather than having these processed and deep fried chips .


Smoked foods

Salty, Pickled and smoked food have high content of nitrate as preservative. Our bodies get addicted to the yummiest taste and we cannot resist having them. The nitrate content have higher properties of cancer. Smoked foods absorbs smoke while cooking or grilling that they have rick content of smoke that is present in cigarettes.



People who are overweight and experiencing severe health issues due to the fats in their bodies are always advised to remove white flour or raised flour from their diet. Due to the their sodium content and glycemic rate they raise blood circulation, sugar and insulin levels can cause diabetes directly. Cancerous tumors can be developed after increment of sugar content in bodies. In order to avoid these it is better to remove processed white flour from your diet.



Red meat is good for health in small doses especially if it is grass-fed beef that helps in fighting cancer. If you crave for steaks then it is always better to have organic beef instead of red meat. People who eat burgers, smoked beef are more likely to be effected by cancer.

Men are at higher risk because they consume more meat than women do. There are 20-30% chances of getting a cancer for women as compared to men by eating red meat which is the main cause of cancer these days.



Soda or soft drinks are rich in sugar content, calories and have zero nutritional benefit. People consuming them for two to three days a week, are likely to get  pancreatic cancer. If you are addicted to soft drinks try to limit them to occasions only.




People are consuming processed canned foods and vegetables that contains lot of preservatives as Sodium that can cause immediate food poisoning and can turn to be a slow cause of cancer. Canned fruits specially have sugar content as syrups to preserve  that have  toxic cancer causing properties.


Microwaved Corn

Popcorns are best alternative of deep fried stuff and processed potato chips. But we in order to save our precious time we always take the option of microwaved popcorns. They are lined with the sheet in order to avoid harmful rays of microwave that is too harmful for health. It can cause serious issues of cancer and poisoning.


Discussed above are some major food items that are severely risking our lives and  likely to cause cancer. By avoiding these items we can easily adopt a healthy life as  Prevention is better than cure!

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