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Top 10 Mental Health Problems And Their Coping Strategies in Pakistan

Are you taking care of your mental health? Do you pay enough attention to illness or able to identify the cause of it? It cannot just be physical sometimes there are mental problems that we are unable to identify.

Before we discuss major mental health problems, let us discuss what is mental health? And  why is it important to understand.

What is Mental health?

Mental health refers to our social, psychological and emotional well-being. It affects our thinking, feelings and our acts, determines how we perceive things around us and is a major factor and a part of health which needs to be taken care of. Mental illness or disorders affects your moods, thinking and behavior. They include depression, schizophrenia, eating and addictive behavior disorders which can make you feel sick about yourself resulting in demotivation and lesser productivity in your daily tasks.

We will discuss here the top 10 most common mental health issues and their coping strategies to easily identify them and cope up with them.



People experiencing this mental disorder are far apart or have lost touch with reality. They live in hallucinations and have certain delusions that they are completely out of normal thinking and behavior. They  are lost in imaginary world where they talk to themselves and are highly likable to avoid and bypass realistic matters of life. The symptoms of schizophrenia are excessive depression, social anxiety disorders, extreme reaction towards criticism and hesitation in showing care and love for certain things in life.


  • The patients of Schizophrenia can only be better if  they accept the fact that they have this psychological disturbance. If they communicate well with their therapist or family members, they will be able to face realistic life. They need to change their outlook for life and needs to be motivated and accepted for the good or bad things within themselves.


Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are group of disorders that results after different feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. They can cause physical symptoms as fast heart rate and shakiness. The most common anxiety disorders include GAD General Anxiety Disorders(If a person feel anxious and worried about certain matters), Social anxiety disorders and Phobias.

  • People having severe anxiety disorders can be cured by listening and to overcome their fears. Phobias and fears can only be overcome by experiencing the certain things that make you feel fear or afraid of. They need to make their attitude positive and to remove people and situations from their minds that make them feel terrible about themselves.


Change of Mood

Bipolar disorders also called manic depression is usually inherited to a person by family. It is their family history that results in having mood swings. From Low to high, high to low or sometime fixed mood as not feeling anything or producing any reaction towards different situations. Fixed bipolar disorders are caused by a serious trauma or a long term anxiety or stress.

  • Bipolar disorder can only be treated by scheduling and recording change of your moods. Try to accept things in general, try to reciprocate the feelings . If you are taking counselling, then it is best not to isolate yourself and discuss the fluctuation of your moods with your therapist. Try to reduce amount of fluctuations of your mood and develop a constant pattern to react on different situations.


Depressing thoughts

Everyone these days is suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. Depression is the root cause of the mental disturbance. It is the feeling when you think you do not enjoy certain things in life that were previously enjoyable for you .You do not feel the same energy performing them and they are no longer a source of happiness for you. The constant feeling of helplessness will only lead you to demotivation.


There are certain steps to follow for coping depression.

  • Talk to a friend.
  • Do regular exercise
  • Do not skip meals. Have less sugar content food.
  • Meet new people.
  • Catch up with old friends
  • Do what you used to love previously.


Cannot Sleep

Insomnia is a feeling of restlessness. You cannot sleep well and become tired and frustrated at the day time. Insomnia is one of the dangerous sleep disorders that are caused by chronic anxiety, depressed moods which reminds you of every bad decision you took and different moods like anger, frustrations and traumas.


To cope up with insomnia:

  • Follow cognitive therapy-Think of positive moments.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain your sleeping patterns as try to avoid sleep at day time for hours.
  • Limit your activities when you go to bed try avoiding phone, videos and  games to get sleep at proper time.
  • Make your sleeping environment comfortable.
  • Reduce stress.


Checking Repetitions

Obsessive compulsive disorders are unreasonable fears and thoughts that leads you to perform repetitions (compulsive) behaviors. They interrupt daily activities and a person suffers delay in usual tasks after involving in different kinds of fears. For example: checking up on love ones that they are safe and doing well, checking switches and repeating words a lot.

  • The effective coping strategy for OCD is to challenge the obsessive thoughts and to ignore them. The best way to control the feeling of fear and overcome it. It can be reduced by various therapies but the effective one is just to face the situation and control the anxiety patterns.


Eating Disorder

If you are facing a issue of change of your eating behavior according to your stress and anxiety periods then probably you have a eating disorder. It effects your thoughts and emotions and you become conscious of your body type and fat. The result you want to eat a lot or sometimes you just skip meals. They are mostly experienced by the  people who have family history of anxiety , stress and panic attacks.


The steps to reduce the cycle of this disorder is:

  • Stay patient.
  • Accept and Love yourself.
  • Listen to your body type.
  • Take balance diet
  • Avoid stress while having food.


Postpartum depression

Postpartum or postnatal depression is experienced by a mother after birth of a baby. This usually start within 1 or 2 days after delivering a baby. The major cause of it is the hormonal change that every mother experiences. This results in excessive fear, mood swings and anxiety attacks.

It usually takes time to be normal but if it lasts you for a longer time like  around 15 days or 2 weeks than your condition can be suicidal. So, it’s better to consult a doctor in early stage.


The steps to reduce postpartum depression are:

  • Build a close relationship with baby.
  • Smile
  • Take care of yourself .Take healthy food, diet and avoid stress.
  • Take medication and therapy if it lasts you a longer time.


Fear of Shadows

Phobia is a common anxiety disorder that is caused by environment and inheritance from the family. People suffering from phobias are extremely afraid of certain things they have experienced or have negative impacts for. For example: a certain animal, a situation , snakes, fear of heights and water.

  • Phobias can be overcome by facing the challenge of the thing you are afraid of. Try to do or face that situation more often that it reduces a feeling of fear to you. You can take medications, seek help from a partner or just face it yourself. Trust yourself and try to overcome this fear.



It is the state of getting attach to someone or something emotionally and physically that you cannot live without them. People are addicted to drugs, emotions and behaviors that they cannot tolerate the slightest change towards them. Addictions are devastating , when they left you will feel empty and will feel depressed.


Addictions can be remove by following these steps:

  • Communication and support from closed ones.
  • Medication
  • By staying positive and understand each and every consequences.
  • Spirituality
  • Humor
  • Exercise to keep yourself away from negative energy and thoughts.

Mental illness is a serious problem, it affects our physical health as well and it is necessary to count it as illness  to pay attention to the mental disturbance in order to take measures to avoid it. In our lives ,we all are experiencing something terrible that is badly affecting our mental health and all we can do is .. Just Stay positive 🙂

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