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Causes of Drug Addiction Among Youth in Pakistan

Drug addiction has always been an important topic to discuss and to generate awareness about. Many medical institutions and professionals are working to spread awareness about the issue of drug addiction and working voluntary to help people who are experiencing this issue.

According to the latest surveys related to  drug addictions, it was found that it is spreading all over Pakistan and is affecting the youth mostly , increasing the rate of 40,000 addicts per year making Pakistan one of the most drug addicted countries in the world.


In order to reduce the number of drug addicts it is necessary to study the factors which leads an addict to consume drugs. We will discuss major causes of drug addiction, especially in youth to overcome the problem of drug abuse.

Genetic Factors or adaptation of drugs by observing a family member

Family Inheritance-Bad Parenting concept

Family history is an important factor as studied by the experiments that if family members  continues to  smoke, the generations get addicted to smoke or to the consumption of Alcohol.

Youngsters adopt their elders’ habits by watching them smoke and get the fantasy to smoke like them. It is responsibility of the elders to avoid smoking in front of their children and to generate awareness about the harmful effects of smoking on health.

Extreme Anxiety and Stress

Stop Stressing too much

It is observed that mostly youth is having an addiction of drugs because of stress and mental illness. Also, there are many factors leading to stress as family, financial issues, educational and professional issues that force youngsters to consume drugs.

Friend circle and Status Symbol

Drugs in friend circle

According to a survey on drug addiction, it was observed that every 10th college/university student is a drug addict .This addiction can easily spread within friend circle mostly of an élite schools/college and universities where there is no issue of money and affordability. The friend circle arranges parties and it has become a status symbol to consume alcohol and high level drugs.

Lack of Monitoring from Parents

Parental Monitoring

Youngsters needs to be monitored. There are a lot of things they do not share or talk about and their parents do not pay enough attention to them.As a result, they get  frustrated by their thoughts and become addict to Drugs. Also, to overcome this issue parents must have a check and balance of their children.

Negative thoughts and Lack of Motivation

You are important

Due to the lack of employment, work issues and other life problems youth of Pakistan is suffering.As there is no motivation left for them which makes them depress everytime. To avoid these issues they get involved in drugs mostly the ones  that are easily available.

Approach of Drug Mafias and availability of drugs

Distribution of Drugs

Drugs specially, soft like ‘Pan, Chalia and Ghutka’ are cheaper and affordable as well as easily available . Also, no action can be taken to reduce the availability of drugs as there are a lot of drug dealers and mafia spreading  drugs to the reach of Youth. First they make them addicted to soft drugs later they shift them to hard drugs like heroin ,cocaine etc.

Prescribed Medication or Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Prescribed medicines from doctors as relaxants Benzodiazepines  and BuSpar are highly addictive. People consume them and  recommend them to other people and they start using it without consulting a doctor. As there are a lot of youngsters who are  experiencing anxiety therefore, they  abuse themselves with the drugs which are not prescribed to them.

Stop Killing Yourself

After observing the major causes of Drug addiction we can conclude that there are huge number of Youngsters that are involved in drug addiction in Pakistan. There is a great need for an individual as well as society to identify the root cause and symptoms of drug addict and help them to cope up with their addiction. Institutions working on the removal of this cause  should pay attention and generate awareness to the Youth about harmful effects of drugs.

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