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Health Problems in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Pakistan is the country having no major difference in its urban and rural population. 51.1 % of the total population is living in rural areas of Pakistan where there is a major lack of facilities such as food and health.

It is important to have knowledge of health problems in rural areas. Following are some common health problems and their causes in rural areas of Pakistan.

Rural Areas



Malaria has a highest number of affected patients. Mostly in rural areas there is a lack of basic sanitary and a lot of space for water to be stagnant where there is a chance of mosquito breeds. As, they live mostly towards the lands that are agricultural basis of Pakistan. Due to poor health facilities and lack of skilled doctors it cannot be treated.




Dengue fever, headache and weakness are caused by a mosquito bite that is  present in water storage. It is affecting rural and urban areas of Pakistan since 2010. Due to non-availability of medicines and proper treatments along with proper hospital and dispensaries it remains untreated and increases its harm and is the reason of many people dying from it.



It is the most common disease mostly among the children of rural areas as they consume an unhealthy diet and live in unhygienic conditions. Due to the lack of facilities and money their parents are unable to provide them medical treatment. It is one of the leading health issue especially in rural areas of Pakistan that causes thousands of deaths per year.




Due to the lack of proper food, awareness and treatment facilities women in rural areas suffer a lot during their pregnancies. As a result their children are born weak and affected of some disease by birth. This needs an immediate action as it is risking lives of Mother and their children.



Unhealthy food, Pollution, smoke, unhygienic water are the major factors of heart diseases that is mostly common in rural areas. Due to the lack of facilities and updation in knowledge areas of Doctors people living there are not getting a better treatment or are not aware of the factors causing it.


Kidney Checkup

The main cause of kidney disease is  pollution and consumption of unhygienic food. Mostly issues are of  kidney stones for which there is no treatment available. There is a need of proper hospital  for treatment of this  disease as people needs to travel cities for their treatments that is not affordable.



People living in rural areas of Pakistan are affected with bacterial and fungal diseases that they are likely to caught Pneumonia. Due to lack of awareness  people are not aware of the disease. Around 30% cases are reported of Pneumonia in rural areas and  that have serious risk of death if not treated at right time.

Pakistan’s current economy is based on its agriculture which is in hands of people living in rural areas. For providing them better facilities city governments are working but the results are not satisfactory. It is essential to identify the diseases and their major causes to help people treat them accordingly.

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