Negative Affect of Technology

Negative Effects of Technology on Health

From the stone age to the computer age technology is spreading so fast. It gives humans a lot of benefits. Technology helps us in our everyday routine, like in contacting others – technology saves our time, providing information to other technology plays a vital role.

But as we all know, everything which gives us benefits have also negative impact. Technology where provide us a lot of benefits, it also has drawbacks. Due to fast growth of technology, our coming generation becomes unhealthy and unsocialized.

The top impacts of negative impacts of technology on health care:

Addiction to the Internet

Internet Addiction

People are becoming addicted to the use of the internet even in working hours. They are spending unnecessary time on the internet without concern about their health. They spend the whole day and night on the internet.

Our today’s generation is too addicted to the internet or say technology. It was found from the research that, whenever the cellphones snatched from the children, their behavior is unusual to the others, they claim all the time that their phone vibrates or call comes and all. As internet addiction have negative symptoms just like a drug addiction.


Depression Voice

When we are unsocialized our contacts with others is less. When we spend all day in one place, we eat more, and lack of exercise due to addiction to technology.

These all are enough reasons for depression. As depression is the main cause in our today’s generation.



No doubt as technology increases, it improves communication between peoples. We can contact with anyone in the world and take help whenever needed. Where technology saves time for communicating, it also has a negative impact.

Due to communication online, we isolate ourselves, and prefer to contact online rather than face-to-face communication.

As spending all day on the internet, we hardly talk to our family, due to which whenever we face any problem, we realize that how to tell them and how to tackle this.

Isolation affects our mental health too in a very bad way, as human craves real connection rather than a virtual one.

Sleeping Disorder:

Technology Affects Sleep

We are so much engaged in online activities, that sometimes we even compromise on our sleep routine. Often at the time of sleep, we are habitual to check our cellphone and by doing this, blue light of screen enter in our eyes which destroy the melatonin (the sleep chemical) which makes it hard to sleep. You can avoid this by using night mode on your phone if available or install an application which allows you to enable night mode.

So, try to aim that keep your electronic devices away from your bed routine time so that we can make a night of proper sleep.

Effects our physical health

Long Time On Laptop

Working the whole day on the computer engaging us for sitting a long time on the chair.

Sitting for a long time can effects physical health, like neck pain, muscle degeneration, back problems, and breast cancer. Try to sit correctly, take long breaks after sometimes to avoid the effects on health.

Waste Of Time

Mobile Usage

As there are a lot of interesting things over the internet, and if we like to review those, commenting and liking then this one life is not enough. We only have one life and except those things to review we also have our daily routine schedule to work over. But unfortunately, a lot of us spend their time on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops and doing nothing.

It includes watching funny clips and photos, which just provide temporary stress release. Due to all these, we waste our time and then what happens, workload increases and we again go towards stress. Try to limit out the activities and focus on the work more instead of procastinating.

Impact On Children

Child Laptop

Technology has a negative impact on children. It affects their studies like they spent a lot of time over the electronic devices and not concerned about their studies. It affects their physical activities like spending all the time over the internet due to which they are so lazy and do not like to interact with others and doing any outdoor activity.

It affects their mental health because their connection with their family and friends are less. It’s best to keep technology away from children, as that age is mostly for playing with friends or toys.



While technology is a part of our daily life, it should be used moderatly. Points stated above are my personal opinion about technology. I am not saying to stay or walk away from technology but I suggest to limit out the activities over the internet, be social and do not compromise your health due to technology.

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