Personal hygiene tips to prevent coronavirus

Personal Hygiene Tips to prevent Coronavirus

Personal hygiene benefits our health and has great impact on our lives. It is important to have hygienic food, hygienic living standard but what makes a person satisfied is the Personal hygiene.

With Corona virus’s outbreak, wearing a mask just won’t be enough as you also need to make sure to practice basic hygiene to decrease your chances of getting affected by the virus.

There are many factors for which it is important to take care of personal hygiene. Some health tips and personal hygiene tips are as follows:

  • Washing hands properly before and after every task. It is important because we do not know about the germ content everything has on it. It spreads bacteria and can increase your risk of the Coronavirus.
  • Unhealthy street food is the favorite stuff of most of foodies out there. We have no idea how they are made and stored for the sale. It is not the same case with all the street foods but make your priority to find out the places that are small but have hygienic food especially, don’t have sauces and other drinks that are not boiled as they have huge amount of bacteria that can cause you deadly diseases such as Coronavirus.
  • Use an anti-bacterial soap to avoid germ attack and use a clean and dry towel every time you take shower.
  • Keep yourself, home and specially your kitchen germ free as they are the main cause of getting infections and several diseases. One thing you should be careful about is to stop travelling to highly polluted places or wear a mask while going there.
  • Avoid using public toilets as they lack major hygiene.
  • If you are on a vacation or a short trip to beach or somewhere out of your town. Take your belongings with you properly. Avoid using  others’ stuff as majority of the diseases are caused due to the lack of basic hygiene.
  • Shower Daily, Brush your teeth properly , Take proper care of your body odor to stay confident and healthy.
  • Keep your finger nails neat and clean as your hands play active part in your daily activities, such as eating. Try to clean them and wash them immediately after every task, especially before eating as they can cause terrible health issues.
  • Do not wear jewelry at work or while working in the kitchen. The particles will stick on your pieces and can cause harmful bacterial infections.
  • In case you caught flu cover your mouth and sanitize your hands often. Keep your eating utensils separated from others to reduce the chance of them for getting a disease.

Personal hygiene is important as it keeps us healthy. It impacts our social, psychological, professional behaviors. It is necessary to generate awareness about it and take it into the consideration. If you keep yourself personally hygienic then not only you will feel fresh but you will also be highly productive.

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