Causes of Psychological Problems in Pakistan

We live in a country where depression is not given its due importance, it is not even considered a disease. People just avoid it, and the situation gets worst. Whenever we tell someone that we are going through depression or anxiety, they will consider it a result of distance from religion. Religion plays a very important part in our life, but there are few things that need to be treated properly. For instance, whenever you get a toothache, you go to a dentist and take medicines. Then why do people ignore mental illness? As we treat our toothache by going to a dentist, we should treat our depression the same way by going to a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is now even easier to book Doctor appointment online in Hyderabad, Sindh through The main causes of psychological problems are:

Academic Stress

academic stress

Educational institutes are burdening students with academic pressure that leads to depression. Parents also pressurise their children to get the highest GPA. College and University students are suffering from depression in a very high ratio. We need to understand that high GPA is not everything, every child is different from the other and has a different kind of skills. So, do not compare them with each other.

Childhood Abuse

childhood abuse

A person who has suffered a childhood trauma faces major depression, insomnia and lack of energy. Because childhood abuse can leave long lasting scars that are needed to be treated as soon as possible. In Pakistan, kids are not very close to their parents and feel scared while talking about this thing. Many people just blame themselves for that tragedy. So they keep on suffering all alone.


Bullying in Pakistan

There is a fine difference between making fun by cracking jokes or by bullying someone. Do not bully anyone, especially kids. Because there is a high chance of depression in those children who are bullied. It also shatters their confidence and have a life long impact.

Losing a Loved One

When a loved leaves the world, it is really difficult to belief and accept the death. It seems impossible to live a life and enjoy the good times without them. Some people blame themselves for the death, some people detach themselves from others and some people lose the purpose of life. Hence, they face the depression. It is important to get out of this phase, and come back to life. Family and Friends can help the person to do this.


If there is a close family member with a psychological problem, or a family history of the mental illness, then there is a high risk of having depression.


domestic conflict in Pakistan

If someone has a conflict or dispute with any of the family member, friend, or somebody else, then he is most likely to suffer depression. For instance, people in Pakistan have conflicts with the family members over the property.

Some Other Causes

There are a number of other causes of the psychological problems such as personality factors, work load, other medical conditions, divorce, poor nutrition, dysfunctional family life, and so on.

Please be sure not take mental health problems lightly & get professional help as soon as possible. If you’re living in Hyderabad, Sindh – consider booking an appointment with top psychiatrists Hyderabad, Sindh through application.

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