Top 7 Problems Due To Sitting Long Hours

From the research of the American Cancer Society, it was found that sitting for long hours increases the risk of death. The researcher said the more time you spend on chair can effects your health badly, as it can cause back pains, neck pain, muscular and joint problems, increase weight gain and increase risk of heart attacks due to remaining stationary for long hours which is hazardous.

The top problems that are faced due to the long sitting hours are:

Improper Digestion

Stomach Problem

Sitting for long hours can cause serious issues. During work, majority workers prefer to eat on their work desk. Eating on the same place after being stationary for a while and not walking/standing up after a meal can lead to the compression of your abdomen, which slows down the process of digestion and in result can give you symptoms like heartburn, cramps, and constipation.

Weight Gain

weight gain

Moving your muscles help in digestion. So if you spent more time on a chair after taking a meal, as a result fat and sugar do not digest properly and can cause you to increase weight.

If you still spend a large amount of time on a chair sitting (more than 6 hours), you can increase risks for many health defects. As research suggests, do at least 60-75 minutes daily moderate-intensity activity to reduce the dangers of long sitting hours.

Heart Disease

Sitting for a long time can cause heart diseases. When you sit long periods of time, it affects the process of blood circulation due to which the chances of blood pressure increases. A long sitting hour can also affect the process of digestion and fat can not be burn properly and causing cholesterol issues which increases the chance of cardiovascular issues.

DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis Issues

Clot in Legs

DVT is deep vein thrombosis, which causes a clot in the legs and if these clots break and lodges to lungs can cause swelling and pain. When you sit for long it disturbs the flow of blood and causes blood clots in legs which leads to deep vein thrombosis issues.

Back Problems

Back Issue

The back problem is caused due to sitting on a chair with poor postures. Sitting for long hours can cause back muscle problems, spine and neck problems, no matter how comfortable your chair is but still your back still not like to sit for a long time.

Try to take 5-10 min breaks to give rest to your back and consider buying ergonomic chair which enforces you to sit with the right posture.

Brain Damage

Brain Issue

Siting long can cause mental health issues because your blood is not circulated properly in your body due to which fresh blood and oxygen are reduced towards the brain which causes mood & mental issues.

Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

Diabete Risk

There are many factors that encounter diabetes, from which long sitting hours is one the main factor for this.

Save yourself from the Dangers of Long Chair Sitting Hours

First of all, set a daily routine schedule and strictly obey that schedule to stay fit and healthy, as “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

Some tips to avoid long chair sitting hours:

  • Walk or use a cycle for short-distance destinations. Try commuting to work in a cycle or by walking.
  • After every 20-25 minutes stand up from your desk and walk/stand for at least 10 minutes.
  • Use an ergonomic chair to sit on.
  • Avoid poor postures when sitting. Make sure you’re straight straight to avoid straining your body.

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