Heart attack

Strategies to Prevent Heart Attack

Heart diseases are becoming really common these days. It is the major cause of death. But, the good thing is that these are not unavoidable. There are few things that cannot be changed for instance age and family history. But it can be prevented through controlling other factors by making some changes in our lifestyle, and by eating healthy. One can lower the chances of heart disease by following these effective tips.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy to prevent heart attack

Eating a healthy diet is always a good option for living a healthy life. Add fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains to your diet. Avoid saturated fats, salt, red meat and sugar. Also go for nutrients such as minerals and vitamins and others that have less calories.

Control your Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol level can trigger a heart attack as it can block your arteries. Therefore, it is necessary to control and maintain your cholesterol level by working on your diet and exercise. If still the cholesterol level remains high, then consult your doctor. If you are living in Hyderabad Sindh, messiah.pk has made it easy for you to book an appointment with top doctors Hyderabad, Sindh through Messiah.pk application.

Control your Blood Pressure

Control blood pressure to prevent heart attack

High blood pressure is also a major factor that causes heart attack. It is necessary to regularly check your blood pressure level. Do not take stress, avoid thinking about the things that bothers you, eat a healthy diet, and go for exercise to control the blood pressure. If you are unable to control it through lifestyle changes, then consult your doctor for medications.

Control your Blood Sugar Level

control blood sugar to prevent heart attack

If you are a diabetic patient, then the risk of heart attack gets increased. Because more level of blood sugar can harm the nerves that controls your heart and blood vessels. Hence, do not forget to get your diabetes test done and ask your doctor about medications and ways to control your blood sugar level. People living in Hyderabad Sindh, can book appointment with top doctors Hyderabad, Sindh through Messiah application.

Exercise Regularly

exercise regularly to prevent heart attack

Exercise plays a great part in preventing heart diseases. It lowers the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack and many other diseases. So exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy.

Avoid Smoking

avoid smoking to prevent heart attack

If you are not a smoker, then that’s perfect. But if you smoke, then just quit it. It is difficult to stop smoking, but remember one thing that it is not impossible. Smoking increases your blood pressure, and also increases the risk of a heart attack. You can talk to your doctor to find the best way to quit smoking.

Balance your Weight

balance weight to prevent heart attack

If you have obesity or if you are over weight then control your weight. Because it can lead to increased blood pressure, blood sugar level, blood cholesterol, and also increases the risk of heart attack. You need to work on your diet plan to balance it.

Get Enough Sleep

Usually people need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. So make sure you have good sleep habits. If you will not get enough sleep, then the risk of high blood sugar level, blood pressure, and obesity will be increased, which leads to the increased risk of heart disease. If you have insomnia problem, and you are unable to sleep properly for instance people with the sleep apnea problem faces breathing issues during sleep, then consult your doctor.

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